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Welcome to FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities’[1]
2017 Ohio Compliant RECs & SRECs RFP Home Page

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FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities’ is seeking proposals for firm delivery of 9,200 SRECs and 320,000 RECs for its 2017 compliance requirements under Ohio Law as amended pursuant to Senate Bill 310. RECs and SRECs must by be delivered to FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities’ no later than February 14, 2018 via the PJM GATS Tracking System.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please click here to view responses to the Q&As received.

RFP Webinar

The RFP Overview Webinar was held on Friday, October 6, 2017 at 11:00 AM. To stream a recording of the webinar, please click here.


Proposal Submission

All bid forms required under this RFP are available to be completed entirely on-line, which include:

  • 2017 Ohio REC RFP Attachment 2 – Credit Application:  Submit only once for the proposing entity.  You will receive a copy of your submission via e-mail in PDF format.  This application may be completed at anytime after issuance of the RFP but prior to the RFP due date.  Early submission is recommended.
  • 2017 Ohio REC RFP Attachment 3 – Qualifying Application :  Submit only once for the proposing entity.  You will receive a copy of your submission via e-mail in PDF format.  The qualifying application must be submitted prior to the RFP due date.
  • 2017 Ohio REC RFP Attachment 4 – Pricing Proposal:  Multiple distinct bids may be submitted by each proposing entity.  You will receive a copy of each of your submissions via e-mail in PDF format.  A Credit Application form and Qualifying Application form must have been received by the RFP Manager in order for Bid Price Proposals to be evaluated.

2017 RFP Schedule of Events[2]

Event Date
Issue RFP Documents October 3
RFP Overview Webinar (11:00 AM)[3] October 6
FAQ Deadline (5:00 PM) October 20
FAQ Responses Posted on Web site October 27
Credit Application, Qualifying Application and Bid Price Proposal Submission Due Date (5:00 PM) November 7
Notification of Successful Proposer Award(s) November 14
Executed PSAs (PDFs) due back November 17
Posting of Security (if applicable) November 17

RFP Manager

FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities has retained Navigant Consulting, Inc. to serve as RFP Manager. Navigant can be contacted via email at This website is maintained by Navigant.

[1]FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities refers to: The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison Company and The Toledo Edison Company.
[2]FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities reserves the right to modify these dates at its sole discretion and accepts no liability to the extent the actual schedule is different from the anticipated schedule. In the event a change is made to the RFP Schedule, a revised schedule will be posted on the RFP website.
[3] Unless noted otherwise, all times refer to Eastern Prevailing Time (“EPT”)

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